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Nora Molina
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Once upon a time there lived a small, shy, midtown girl in the wild jungles of New York City. She went by the name Nora Molina but preferred being called Gabbie. She loved fashion and anything that she could craft with her hands and a sewing machine. One magical day she met a small boy named Devin who introduced her to the world of photography by taking her to NYC Salt photography class. With the help of Alicia, Adam, and Sari, the magical teachers of the west, she learned to love photography. Photography helped her jump out of her shyness through pictures, and with this she felt like she could be on top of the world by making people feel with the pictures she took. Of course this would take time and practice but for now she keeps on hoping. Nora is currently a sophomore at Syracuse University, majoring in graphic design at the Newhouse School. She was in the high school program for three years.

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