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Irvin Vega
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Hi, my name is Irvin, and I'm from the South Bronx, 138th street to be more specific. When I was 12 my mom took me to this party where she took pictures of the party and that's when I really got into photography. Some of the things that I love taking photographs are of skyscrapers, the city, and train stations. The reason why I love taking pictures of these things is because when I was little my dad took me to the city. we went to places like time square and central park and the restaurant he works in, and well, I fell in love with everything I saw. I also love taking pictures of skyscrapers because of the shapes they create or the way they reflect light. I also love taking pictures of train stations because when no one is at the train station and it's a really sunny day the train station looks beautiful or when the train station is really busy and people are shoving and pushing just to get in. What photography means to me is art and not just any art, but art where you just push a button and the art stares in your face and you can share it with the world. That's what photography means to me.

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